Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All this for $5.25!

So I have always been a coupon-toting grocery shopper, but last night I really got a steal! After coupons, I got all the items shown for only $5.25. Normally just the laundry detergent alone costs almost that much. Call me weird, but I enjoy knowing I was able to save so much...Dave Ramsey would be proud!


Kathy said...

Have you heard of Terri's List? It is a way that you print a list for the grocery store that you go to and it tells you when to get the best deals for your coupons. I think it costs $10 per month. I can't remember the website but you could search for it and find it.

Anonymous said...

Rock! That's so cool LeeAnn! And those are good products too!

- Sara