Saturday, September 18, 2010

consignment sale finds & a busy toddler

It's consignment sale time! I love checking out the different churches hosting these sales in the fall and spring. I don't tend to shop for Salem at regular stores...there are too many great choices, so I've found if I don't go to the stores, I can't spend money there! Instead I wait for great sales like the two consignment sales we went to this weekend.

On Friday we found a potty seat in preparation for potty training. While I'm under no illusions that this will be happening any time soon, I do think it's smart for us to be prepared in case she's ready to try it out before next spring. Plus it was $3. That's less than the little potty I almost bought at Ikea. And I think we've already gotten our money's worth out of it, since Salem thinks it's a toy. This picture is blurry because she just wouldn't stop moving and playing with it - sitting on it, in it, walking around with it. I guess it's not a bad thing that's she's made friends with the potty seat. At least it won't be scary when the time comes.

And the hat. I love the hat. Last winter she had a hand knitted pink one with strings that tied under her chin, just like this one. It's probably too small for this winter and this one is soft fleece on the inside. It was the first thing I saw when I walked into the consignment sale and I knew it was going home with us! Although it's still 90 degrees out, Salem thought it was fun to play with it on. Dress-up box, here we come!

Her puppy is the one that my dad (Poppy) gave her the day she was born. She loves it, carrying it around, sleeping with it, feeding she even tried to use the blue bulb snot-sucker to suction out its nose. Too cute!

And excuse the blur on this picture. I must have taken 10 different (all blurry) shots before my regular camera's battery died and I had to switch to the camera phone. I finally gave up and realized that my go-go-go toddler was not stopping for mommy to take a picture and a blurry one would have to do. At least it captures the moment...

Today's happenings also included a trip to a local apple festival for a picnic lunch. Salem loved watching all the people, the dogs, and especially the horses that were leading the hay ride. She was just fascinated. We picked up some local apples and enjoyed touring the Moravian village where the festival was hosted. Since Chuck and I have flexible work schedules, we also worked some today. I stopped by the office to drop off some files and we picked up supplies for church, but that's normal for us and we don't mind it since the flexibility means that we get to spend more time with one another. While working from home has its challenges, the late nights working are worth the time I get to spend with Salem during the day. It's definitely a blessing.

Speaking of work and church, I'm off to make six pans of brownies for an event at church tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll be keeping up with the blog more often!

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