Friday, July 16, 2010

All Around Town

I love our town. This morning we got up, had breakfast, and took a walk. In 30 minutes we were able to walk to complete all of our errands - the bank to make a deposit, the post office to pick up our mail and mail a book I sold on Amazon, the library to pay our fines check out books on toddlers and eating and children with allergies, then to the town hall for Chuck to do some commissioner business. On the way there we stopped and talked with our neighbor to find out how his son-in-law (our other neighbor) is doing. He broke his leg when he fell from a tree last week and will have surgery next week. At the post office we signed a petition asking the Postal Service not to close our local post office. At the library we visited with the librarian, a family friend who doted on Salem. She reminded us that she works at our town's location every Friday and that every other Friday is Story Time for toddlers. On the way back, we were stopped by a guy who owns a local business and was just saying hi. I never imagined we'd live in a town like this and that Chuck would be in politics as the commissioner, but I sure do love it!

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