Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today's Storm

Salem and I spent the afternoon at my mom's cooking and baking. Chuck stayed home and took a (much deserved) nap after preaching this morning. Mom and I took Salem outside to play in the kiddie pool they bought for her to play in this summer, but she was only in it for about two minutes before a storm rolled in. A few minutes later I got a call from Chuck at home. The storm was at our house and woke him up - he said the house was shaking! After the storm died down, he went to check outside and saw that two of our extremely tall pine trees had fallen...not completely down...just the tops had been snapped off. Craziness. Then part of the top of one of our huge oak trees cracked and fell down in front of our neighbor's garage. Considering how close several structures are to those trees, it was a huge blessing that they did not fall on our bedroom where Chuck was sleeping or any other part of our house or our neighbor's house. I am not sure what happened (Chuck's wondering about a small tornado-like wind storm!), but we are thankful for everyone's and everything's safety!

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