Monday, May 17, 2010

First Steps

Today Salem took her official first steps! We were over spending some time with my dad when Salem stood up from where she was playing on the floor and took 2 or 3 steps toward my dad. She did it several times again today with some prompting, first with some puffs and later with toys. She is actually really steady on her feet and she will be running in no time. Silly kid!

I wanted to also include a few recent pictures where I snuck in Salem's room during her bedtime routine to snap a few pictures of her snuggle and reading time with her daddy. They have such a special bond and she definitely has him wrapped around her little finger already!!

I was sneaking around trying to snap the picture without disturbing them....didn't work!
Sometimes we tell Salem "you slept so hard, your hair went crazy!!". I know that's not technically true, but it sure does make a fun thing to say and a cute picture to boot!

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