Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is Here

I was definitely ready for spring. I think most people around here were. We got more snow in one winter than I ever remember and we were just all done with being cold. So the last few week's we've turned off the heat and the AC, opened the windows and doors, and turned on the attic fan. I'm hoping our power bill reflects the changes, but even if it doesn't make that much difference, we're loving the breezes and the fresh air.

I'm loving it even more this year because somehow pregnancy had some additional affect on my body chemistry that I wasn't previously aware of...this year I have had no problems with allergies! This is a first. I really can't believe I haven't had any allergy symptoms at all. Salem, on the other hand, had her first antibiotic this week when what started out as a viral cold turned into some kind of upper respiratory infection. Poor thing was miserable and decided to share with her dad, so now he's miserable too. Fun times.

The backporch has become a place we spend more time now that the weather is better. Here's Salem trying to help out her dad with his pushups workout.

Sleepy baby.

Playing on the baby swings in the community park.

Enjoying the playground on a beautiful spring day!

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