Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend with Cousin Brecken

At the beginning of March we got a fun surprise...cousin Brecken came to visit! (Meghan and Michael came too...but we were most excited about seeing the little guy!).

We had a great time getting to love on Brecken bear. Here's Chuck enjoying cuddle time with him.

Brecken and Salem rooting on the home team. Shhh...don't tell them they had a terrible season...

"Noni" chilling with Brecken bear. He's just started being interested in toys and it was fun to watch him interact with different things. Such a fun little (BIG!) guy.
Salem has gotten interested in her feet again. And she's not real thrilled with her high chair, as evidenced by the food all over it. She'd rather sit at the table with us with her on one of our laps to eat. She's quite independent and wants to do things herself instead of being fed by us. We've started her on finger foods and this girl can eat her weight in Cheerios! I'm excited about trying some new foods now that she's gotten the pincher grasp down and can pick things up and feed herself some.
Here's another one of Salem's favorite places to be...daddy's shoulders. I think she likes being able to see everyone. She sure does think she's big! :)

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