Monday, August 3, 2009

Salem's Nicknames

Today was my last day of maternity leave. It was also the first time I've left Salem for more than a few minutes. My mom and I went to pick blueberries this morning and I left Salem with Chuck for some "daddy-daughter" time. Needless to say, he now understands a little better why I don't get much done when I'm at the house by myself with her. She can be a handful!

While we were running errands together this afternoon, we were talking about all the nicknames we have for Salem. Here's the list so far:

Fuzzy Head
for the times right after her bath when her hair stands up straight

Torpedo Mouth
for the fact that she spits out her paci and it goes flying across the room

Fuss Bucket
for the times that she is fussy for no particular reason

Pookie Pie
because it's cute and I'm her mom and I can call her that :)

Punkin Head
Chuck's name for her

Doodle and Doodle Bug
I've always used this name for little kids...not sure why but it's cute

I'm sure the list of nicknames for her will continue to grow!

Here's a few pictures documenting some of the last few weeks. I have more recent ones, but wanted to get caught up a little first before posting them. Enjoy!

Check out the look of surprise on Salem's face! My mom is giving her a bath in a wash basin inside the sink in their camper. This was taken while we were camping with them a few weeks ago. She really loves her baths, but something must have scared her!

Yay for naked-bootie time! I just think this picture is adorable. Salem had gotten a diaper rash (first and only one so far) and we followed the doc's suggestion of naked-bootie time instead of using regular diaper creams. Worked like a charm and she slept right through it!

Salem has found her thumb! This was taken a few weeks ago and it really was a fluke that she actually found her thumb on her own. Although today I caught her sucking her thumb on two differt ocassions. She likes the paci too and we're encouraging that over the sucking her thumb - you can always take away a paci but hands and thumbs will be there forever! We'd rather her not be a thumb-sucker, but this picture was just too cute despite that.

For July 4th we headed to GA to visit Chuck's cousin Brandy who was pregnant and due in just a few weeks. She's since had her baby and is at home now doing well. While we were visiting we went to a small carnival and rode the carousel together. Salem slept through it, but we have picture proof that she's been on one. Chuck and I aren't big fans of carnivals or amusement parks, so it might be the first and last one she is at for awhile! Despite that, we had fun with Chuck's family even though it was incredibly hot that weekend! Salem did great in the heat, all things considered, and we were able to get her back into the AC before she melted! :)

This is Salem's first official bath. She didn't like it. At all. Since then we've learned that she prefers to be bathed in the sink where you can cover her more completely with water or in the bathtub with me so I can keep her warm while washing her off. That baby bathtub might be finding its way to craigslist soon...


Meghan said...

Pure cuteness! Thanks for the updated pics! I know I need to do the behind.

Jessica said...

I agree thanks for the update. Zach hates bath time still, but we find if we can start him off completely warm he will hang out. He loves getting his hair washed! So glad to hear you guys are doing so good.