Monday, August 17, 2009

9 Weeks Old Update

This past week we had fun taking pictures and video of Salem in her different "states". She is such a funny girl and keeps us laughing all the time. I can't seem to get Blogger to post videos (suggestions anyone?), but when I figure it out, I'll post some cute video clips of her. It'll be just pictures for now.

Salem loves her some "daddy - daughter" time! She's usually the most smile-y in the mornings right after she's had a diaper change and has eaten.

She's started reaching for things and opening and closing her hands. I'm trying to teach her the ASL sign for "milk" so she can tell me when she's hungry. I have no idea when she'll be old enough to actually comprehend this, but I figure it can't hurt to start early.

Little miss bright eyes...still blue!

Yay! She is just so cute (ok, so I'm a little biased...).

She loves to "talk" to other people. She just babbles away and will even try to stick out her tongue if you do it first. It's so much fun to watch her grown and develop!


Sara said...

No, you're totally right. She's one of the cutest babies out there :)
My word verification is shiptiz. I think that's funny.

Jessica said...

OMG SHE IS PRECIOUS!!! Such a personality. I love little girls, they are so much fun. I will let you know how it goes with little boys. :) Zach is already starting to reach for stuff - especially his pretty lights! I can't wait to see Chuck with her - she is a lucky, lucky little girl to have such awesome parents.

Taylor Travels said...

Thanks for posting the update babe. I miss you and Salem so much. You are a great wife! LILY

abbie said...

Hey LeeAnn, Salem's facial expressions crack me up!!! Maybe it's a sign that she is going to have Chuck's great sense of humor! Looks like life is treating ya'll well. I look forward to our reunion in October!