Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Baby's Newest Friend - Addison Kate Cline

About this time last week, our friends Jordan and Jenny were headed to the hospital to have their little girl. Jenny and I's due dates were only a week apart - hers was May 30th and mine is June 7th. We've really had a lot of fun going through the same stages of pregnancy together. As couples, we took the Birth & Beginnings Class and the Breastfeeding Class together and got to talk about our expectations, hopes, fears, and wonderings about how things were going to go. It was exciting to know that our little girls were going to be so close in age. Well, it looks like they may be further apart in age than we originally thought since she went into labor 2 weeks early.

Both mom and baby are healthy though and at home, and we can't wait until our little girl joins the party! Here's the details and some pictures from when we visited them in the hospital last Sunday evening.

Here's a picture of me and Jenny at 30 and 31 weeks pregnant:

Addison Kate Cline

6 lbs 13 oz

19 1/2"

5/17/09 at 2:38am

So precious! Do I look ready for my own??

Chuck holding Addison...he's definitely ready to hold our little girl!

Such a cutie...and there's blonde hair under that little hat too!

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