Thursday, May 28, 2009

38 1/2 Week Update

No pictures this morning, but the last post was just pictures, so I'm making up for it! We had our weekly doctor's appointment yesterday morning. Since we've seen all the doctors already (there's 6 of them that rotate who's on call), we decided to start seeing the nurse practitioner that helped us through everything when we had the miscarriage last summer. She is wonderful and has been great the last few weeks. She actually knows us and our story and is almost as excited as we are about this little one making her entrance soon. It's a neat connection and makes the weekly doctor visits more enjoyable and relaxed.

There's a little news from yesterday, but according to Chuck, not exactly what he was hoping for. Of course, he was hoping that she'd check me and find out that I was ready to head straight for the hospital! Can you tell he's excited and anxious for this little one to come now?! Anyway, turns out I am now 1cm dilated and 50-60% effaced and baby's head is "engaged" meaning she's head down and (hopefully) not going to turn before it's showtime. Other than the occasional braxton-hicks contractions, not much else is going on. I am having more of a hard time sleeping, but last night was a better night, so I am grateful.

A big shout-out to both of our sets of parents who are really stepping up in their grandparents roles! In the past two weeks they have almost completely cleaned my house from top to bottom and took on remodeling our very old bathroom. I can't wait to post the "after" pictures once it gets painted. Since I'm still working full time, they've been doing some of my "nesting" for me and it's given me the opportunity to get more rest. This has been great since it's pretty impossible for me to try to take a nap during the day at work. All of their help has been an amazing blessing and has taken so much stress off of me to have things spiffy-ed up so that our little girl comes home to a clean house.

So for now though we're still waiting for baby girl's arrival. We still have 10 days till her due date and then I'm sure they'd let me go as long as two weeks before inducing unless there's something wrong, so we could still have awhile to wait (shh...don't tell Chuck!!). I'm trying to enjoy our last few days as "just us" while still being excited about her arrival and all that comes with it. Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes as we await her arrival!!


Meghan said...

Oh, I'm so excited!! Michael and I were talking last night and I only think we are going to make it for a weekend (not a 3 day weekend) once she's born so that Michael still has enough PTO to take off for camp. But I told him the ONLY reason why that was okay was b/c we'll be back in a couple weeks anyway for a whole week of camp. I vote that she comes earlier rather than later so she's not too young to be out and about at camp. Can't wait!! Oh, and I forgot to mention that I also love that picture you put on my birthday post...we are so cute!

Jessica said...

By the way, my mom wants you to know that unfortunately she thinks you will be having a watermelon instead of a little girl, but Olivia is absolutely certain you have a baby in your tummy. So depends on who you believe it could be good news or bad news! :) HAHA! They are our little comedy team and keep us laughing. Have a great day.