Monday, March 30, 2009

Babies, Babies Everywhere

This weekend I went to (another) baby shower. It really does feel like everyone is pregnant!

Here's the rundown - friends who just had babies - Amanda (baby Anna), Patrice (baby Jonah...who went home from the hospital today!!) and Charlin (baby John).

Friends who are currently pregnant - Jessica N. (due April 13 - boy), Casey (due April 30 - boy), Molly (due beginning of May - it's a surprise!), Jenny (due May 30 - girl), ME (due June 7 - girl), Jessica B (due after me...can't remember when (Jess, please remind me!!) - boy), Brandy (due end of July - girl), Anna (due Sept 9), and Meghan (due Oct 26). I know so many...I hope I'm not missing anyone!

(Update: I DID miss TWO people...but now the list is far as I know!!).

This has translated into lots of baby showers and lots of baby gifts. I have decided to give practical gifts...diapers, wipes, bath stuff, etc. because I'm finding that that's easier than running to whatever store someone is registered at to get a gift every weekend! If I was smart, I'd print out all the registries and go at once, but I'm also trying to spread out the cost, so that doesn't work too well together. Oh well, everyone needs the baby care "basics" anyway!

Here's a picture of me and Jenny...our due dates are only a week apart and we've had the fun experience of being in the same "Birth & Beginnings" childbirth preparation class for the last couple of weeks. Actually, my coworker Anna and her husband are in the same class with us too. With only 8 couples in the class, it's fun that 3 of us know each other!

The class has been helpful and I am glad we decided to take it. It is doing what it's supposed to do - easing my concerns and helping prepare Chuck for what's going to happen and what his role is going to be as my support person. My general thought is to try to labor as long as possible without interventions, and I know I'll need lots of support to do that.

Thankfully our class teacher has been a labor and delivery nurse for about 20 years so she knows what she's talking about and is not afraid to tell us like it really is. I was a little concerned because we had a different teacher for the first class and she was more of the type that told you hospital policy instead of the real information you need to know. I was much more encouraged during this second class where we learned practical coping techniques and the details that I was really interested in. Funny how knowing something as simple as there is a microwave available in the labor wing to heat up your homemade heating pad makes a soon-to-be momma relax!

We are now working on our "birth preferences" sheet so we can determine our priorities for the labor/birth experience. Mainly I am praying for an experienced, easy going nurse with a sense of humor (otherwise how will she handle Chuck?!). I think this will go a long way toward a positive birth experience.

Although I didn't do a formal "Fetus Friday" post this past week, I will do a quick update. In general I am feeling well, although I am definitely aware that the third trimester is different than the second! I am noticably more tired, more easily irritated, have more heartburn, can't move around as easily, have more leg cramps, and am finally starting to understand why by the time 40 weeks comes around you can't WAIT to have the baby arrive. Thankfully Chuck is being understanding and went walking with me around the neighborhood tonight to try to get me moving and take my focus off all the uncomfortable parts of being 7 months pregnant. Not surprisingly, while we were walking we saw another pregnant woman! They're everywhere!

I am having other fun things happen - lots of vivid dreams and this morning I woke up before my alarm clock in somewhat of a panic that I was only preparing one bag for the hospital instead of two - one for me and one for the baby. In my sleepy state, I decided that I needed to pack a separate diaper bag with the baby's things, realized I had use the only one I have - a free one from the pediatrician, but then the thought occured to me that everyone else in the hospital might have the same free black diaper back, so it was imperative that I put a tag on with with our names on it. All this at 7am! Chuck in the meantime was making me breakfast so I would have a chance at starting the morning at least well-fed, even if I was a little irrational. I am wondering if this is the beginnings of nesting...


Jenny said...

Yes, seven months is definitely becoming more and more uncomfortable!! On your list of pregnant friends, Jessica N.'s due date is actually April 13th and Casey's is the 30th (boy). (Oh, and I saw Jessica and Blake on the interstate this morning and they seemed to be in a there might be some baby action going on...that or they were running late for a doctors appointment.)That's funny about packing the diaper bag. I haven't even thought about it...hope I don't go too early.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definately nesting! It's okay, though, it's necessary because all of those little things NEED to be done - even if they only need to be done for your sanity, they're still necessary. Go with it - get as much done now as you can. Trust me, you'll be amazed at how hard it is to get ANYTHING done once little bird arrives! Love you - you look GORGEOUS, by the way! Melinda & Jason

Jessica said...

I am due almost exactly a month after you - July 5th. I am trying not to rush through this one!

VanderbiltWife said...

Oh, the nesting. I wish I had had more nesting syndrome! But at one point--about where you are--I got the sudden need to clean the baseboards of my bathroom and kitchen. A task I have never attempted nor probably ever will again.

Get some rest, and tons of sleep in the next 9 weeks if you can!

By the way, Deborah told me she mailed your books to you yesterday from winning our contest.