Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catching Up

Wow, how is it that's it's been over a month since I posted? Here's the short version of what's been happening in our lives. I'll try to post more details later. At the moment, I'm quite sleepy (read below for why...).

September Happenings

October Happenings

  • Breast Cancer Conference for work
  • We found out we're expecting a baby again! Due date is June 7th!!
  • I had emergency surgery to drain a very large cyst on my ovary
  • We saw/heard the baby's heartbeat after the surgery...he/she was doing okay!
  • Cruise to Mexico with family (first one for me)
  • Hanging out with Tyler-Wyler (nickname of course), our 10 mo old nephew
  • Friends coming into town for Halloween fun this weekend

So...we've had a lot going on and I am quite tired these days. Thanks to everyone who prayed for me and the baby during and after my surgery. It was quite the surprise, but after being in so much pain, I was glad for the relief and glad that the baby was okay. We have our next doctor's appointment on November 4th, so hopefully we will get to hear the heartbeat again and be reassured that all is going well!


shaina said...

yay for baby!!! i will be praying for you and Chuck and the baby. see you tomorrow! :)

Kelli said...

congratulations on the pregnancy!! and i'm so glad the surgery went well. you will most definitely be in my prayers for a safe and healthy baby. we send you our love!

Mindy said...

Congratulations. We will keep you in our thought and prayers!!