Monday, March 24, 2008

Friendships & Memories

My friend Kathy's blog entry yesterday got me thinking. I have always said I'd rather "make a memory" than receive a gift. For example, for our first Christmas together, Chuck's gift to me was an overnight trip to Biltmore, NC to visit the Biltmore House. It was beautiful...all decorated for the holiday and there was live music to be heard throughout the house. We walked around the gardens (not much to see in winter, but fun nonetheless), holding hands and talking about the year ahead. There is no item that I'd rather received than the gift of that memory we created together.

Kathy's blog post talked about friendship. Specifically she said that "friendships are just a collection of shared experiences". I think this is a wonderful example of why I love creating memories so much. Stuff will never make us happy, but deep relationships with other people will fill our need for community and togetherness - and we become a reflection of the God that made us.

This week, remember to cultivate your friendships by creating shared experiences...make a memory together!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed making a memory today! Yay Chipotle!

- Sara