Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cuddling with a Newborn

So I have found something out about myself...I could spend all day curled up with this little guy and be content to just look and cuddle. There is something so facinating about looking at a newborn, God's amazing gift to his children...children of our own.

This weekend we're spending Christmas with Chuck's family. The little guy is Chuck's sister Melinda's first baby, Tyler Wayne Oldham. He's a cutie, and I just loved the couple hours on the couch this afternoon we spent cuddling together. Call it spoiling him, or just call it my maternal instincts, I loved every minute of it! He was just so precious all curled up on my chest.

This evening will lend itself to time spent with the kids, movie watching, snacks, cookies, games, and presents, of course. Looking forward to my favorite pasttime ever - making memories!

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